Ploog’n Power Stands

Chances are good that you are reading this while at your desk, on a couch, or lying in bed. Sooner or later your device will need a charge and you’re going to stop, get
up and search for a power outlet. Stop Searching.  Here is how plugging into Ploog’n will make your life a lot easier. 

Outlets Everywhere! 

Stop bending down, crawling and stretching awkwardly for electrical outlets.

 Ploogn’s  outlets stand up off the floor within easy reach.

 Imagine having a Ploog’n right beside beside you right now.

Ploog’n gives you fast, easy access to electrical power.



Ploogn_fastco.163 Light wood Ipad


Organization: Ploog’n  eliminates  clutter. Store your  unused laptops, tablets and cables out of sight.






Ploogn_fastco.158 Front View 1

Stylish & Beautiful

Ploog’n is beautiful.

Place it beside your desk, couch, and bed where is easy to access.

House hold extension cords and power strips are ugly so we hide them where they are difficult to reach.

Ploog’n is beautiful and you leave it in plain view Where it is easy to reach.



A 'brick' power supply for charging.

A computer’s ‘brick’ power supply is an energy waster .

Earth Friendly! Ploog’n makes it easy to stop wasteful standby ‘phantom’ power, saving money and eliminating a terrible source of carbon emissions. This feature also extends battery life.




When you need to find an outlet to charge up your device, wouldn’t your day be easier with Ploog’n Power Stands everywhere? 

There is additional information in this short video I made for Fast Company Magazine.

That’s Ploog’n.

New models coming soon.

Would you like to beta test our next model? 

Share your thoughts or questions with me below. Ask me anything.   I’d like to hear from you.

Leave your comments below.

Thank you.

Steve Chayer, CEO Ploog’n Power Stands

Ploogn logo Jpeg Med2                                                          Power within reach.

(patents pending)

6 thoughts on “Ploog’n Power Stands

  1. I love this idea, Ploogn would be great to take to sales and trade shows where you can use it for easy access to power for laptop presentations. It’s neat and presentable itself as well!

  2. This is a great idea… however, this is similar to a typical surge protector or extention cord. still need to move stuff to plug and unplug the Ploogn… My suggestion if possible… it also bring this idea i have because Im a housewife… I wish Ploogn has a automatic unplug and roll spin cord. I had already roll spin in my vacuum cleaner. pull the cord from the vacuum to plug in.. and when im done, unplug from the outlet and theres a switch in the vacuum that once i step on it, the cord will spin back to vacuum. means i dont need to fix the cord by myself. But still i wish i dont need to go to the outlet to unplug it. switch that connect to ploogn that automatically unplug and spin back to ploogn. I know its possible just need to figure out the design to add in ploogn. add features and still design for convinience.. It will be a Big hit!


    • Hi Mery Jane and thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts. I am trying to figure out how to put a take up feature for slack cord, perhaps in the base. However, while the Ploog’n Power Stand does have outlets with surge protection and an extra long power cord, it also has USB charger for charging your cell phone and powering/charging you tablets. With Ploog’n all of the plugging in and unplugging is done without bending, moving furniture, or crawling under desks. Ploog’n places power right next to you on the couch, at your desk or in bed.

      To your other point, you don’t have to move Ploog’n. You plug it in once and it stays there. We have one near our couch, another near our desk and we all have a Ploog’n near our bedside.

      I hope this helps and thanks again for writing.

      Steve Chayer

  3. Great idea, Steve! I think this would serve a large market of the aging population. The kids might not care that much about bending down or crawling around, but I know from my Mom’s experience, that the whole ‘I’ve fallen down and can’t get up’ situation is real. So, the less she has to bend down low and fiddle with a plug, the less likely she’ll get stuck on the floor and not be able to get up because of bad shoulders and arthritis.

    On another front, I think it looks fantastic, and people might be glad to show it off.

    Good luck with your effort!

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